Tony Mouzayek "Lagaytak" lyrics

Translation to: EN PT

Lagaytek wel dinye leil

2eltili makhtoube

Ya laili eli ma ba3do lail

Ya na3ess beh doubi

Ya derbaki w ya kharsak

Rinnee b jrassek rinnee

Dawabouni 3ayouna el soud

Lamouni bel tamanee

Ya betdawi ya khelkhal

Raneen el fatani

Wallah la 3asheer el nom

W asra7 m3 el get3ani

I found you when the world was dark

You told me you were engaged

Oh my night there have been no nights after

Oh restlessness melt in her

Oh your chaos and your silence

Ring with your bells ring

She melted me with her dark eyes

They blame me for the cost

Oh cure me with your ankle bracelet

The tune of ?fatani?

I swear I will disallow sleep

And stay up with the isolation