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Dara Bubamara "Njemu sreća, meni bol (Њему срећа, мени бол)" lyrics

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Sto je tuzno ovo jutro
sto sa suzom osvice
na vecnu se ljubav kleo
sad mi ledja okrece

Ref. 2x
Njemu sreca, meni bol
reci Boze zasto to
zasto da mu sunce sja
ako nisam njegova

Nista srcu mom ne godi
kad mi tuga rusi sve
kud me ovaj zivot vodi
kaznjenu od sudbine


Oh, how sad is this morning
which is dawning with a tear
he was vowing to the eternal love
and now he's turning his back to me

Chorus 2x
He got luck, I got pain
tell me, God, why is it like that
why is the sun shining to him
if I'm not his

Nothing is pleasant to my heart
when my sorrow is demolishing everything
where is this life leading me
I am punished by the destiny