Hollywood Undead "Lights out" lyrics

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Lights out

[Chorus: Danny]Lights outYou're talking too loudSo just shut your mouthWho the fuck are you now?Lights outCan you feel it now?We're calling you outWho the fuck are you now?

[J-Dog:]Lifestyles of the young and the recklessChecked in the real world that don't ask questionsDodging on bullets like a fucked up westernDragged you on a rope til you're choked out senselessKings or crown we're the best aroundGot an underground army yeah we holding it downWe built our base and what we foundIt takes blood and sweat and always moving a crowdNo skill then you're going the fast wayLet me see you dance on from the AKBullshit now he's dropping names, who you know, what you do it all sounds the sameA piece of advice quit dropping mineYou'll be gone way before it even it is your timeLike a stripper in a cage making minimum wageYou'll be gone like a dollar bill hitting the stage


[Charlie Scene:]I'm gonna wake your ass up cause you ain't got what it takesYour crew's right on my nuts so tell you how my dick tastesYeah I'm shit faced and all black looking creepyIt's Charlie Scene this shit is way too easyI'm gonna give it to you quick going straight to your throatPut the burner in your mouth and turn you in to a ghostAll these people making music with nothing to showWho doesn't have a band? Shit I don't knowWhat kind of sane person drops his own nameWhat kind of sane person boos his own band off stageWhat kind of sane person drops a verse like thisThese damn meds ain't working I'm just too damn sickDeuce, you coming out here's got me provokedNow I'm gonna cut your ass up like a line of cokeI'm gonna roll your crew up like a fat ass roachAnd put you in my ash tray cause you just got smoked


[Danny & Funny Man:]Another classic case you crash and burn

[Funny Man:]And it's true you're dead wrongIt's lights out, your last songThe world has turned its face you'll never learn

[Funny Man:]And It's true you're dead wrongIt's light out, your last songWalls are closing in, they're falling down


Lights outYou're talking too loudWho the fuck are you now?Who the fuck are you now?Lights out!

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