50 Cent "Fire" lyrics

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[Verse 1: 50 Cent]I make it hotter, friction turns to fireYou're what I desire, I'm coming to get you, girlThat's right, that's right, it's on tonightYou're just my type, you're what I likeI bring that heat, you heard me rightEverywhere I go, go, let's goSomething new, it's another episodeMusic bumping, sweat dripping on the danceflo'I like it when shorty get to backing it backWhen she do it like that, I don't know how to act

[Bridge]Now work itGo ahead grind it on me, that's perfectI'll pay to play if it's worth itMy phone when you want me you can chirp itNow get to work, kid

[Bridge: Young Buck]Let me take these bricks and break 'em downIf you want I can serve 'em by the poundShorty know she's got what I wanna flipBaby girl tell me you can handle it

[Hook: Nicole Scherzinger]Well, if you want it let's goI got that fire (So hot I burn it down)Act like you already knowI got that fire (Cause I'm the flyest chick around)You want it, it's fire, I got it, that fireSo I might ignite ya, it's fire, it's fire

[Verse 2: 50 Cent]I burn it down on stage, I make it hot'Til the Fire Marshall come shut down the spotI have the club jam packed every time I rockThese other niggas ain't got the style I gotI go back to the basics and break it all the way all the way downYou can hate it but face it B.I.G. and 2Pac just ain't aroundEverywhere you go, there I go, I'm 50 CentGhetto star by the bar I get you bentYou wanna party, let's party, you wanna freak be a freakYou wanna creep we can creep tell me where should we meetSo you can



[Verse 3: 50 Cent]Now are you really readyI said, are you really readyI make the temperature rise, now don't be surprisedI have the ice on, stunting heavyI got a helluva flow, you should already knowSold over 30 million records alreadyIt's the third time around, you know how I get downI'm hands down, pound for pound, the best around


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