Alejandro Fernández "Que Digan Misa" lyrics

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Que Digan Misa

Yo te he de querer prietitaYa te traigo aquí clavadaNo importa que digan misaTampoco que estés casadaYa sueño con tu sonrisaY tu carita en mi almohada

Las piedras por el caminoSe encuentran de andar rodandoSi así lo quiso el destinoYo te seguiré adorandoQue al fin que con mi cariñoA nadie le causo daño

No fue mi culpa ya lo vezQue me besaras hace un mesYo no pensaba abrirle a nadieEl corazónPor eso quiero que me desEsos besitos otra vezDa que la gente nos critiqueCon razón

That They Are Saying Mass

I have had to love you little brunetteNow I bring you here fastenedIt doesn’t matter that they are saying massNor that you may be tiredAlready I dream of your smileAnd your little face on my pillow

The stones of the roadMeet as they roll alongIf destiny wanted it soI will follow adoring youSo that at last with my loveI don’t cause harm to anyone

You already know it was not my faultThat it’s been a month since you would kiss meI didn’t think of opening my heartTo anyoneAnd so I want you to give meThose little kisses againIt doesn’t matter if people criticize usWith reason

The stones of the road….

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