The Weeknd "The Morning" lyrics

The Morning

[Intro]I'm fucking gone right nowI'm fucking gone right nowListen, listen

[Verse 1]From the morning to the eveningComplaints from the tenantsGot the walls kicking like they six months pregnantDrinking Alizé with our cereal for breakfastGirls calling cabs at dawn quarter to sevenSky's getting cold, we're flying from the northRockin with our city like a sold out showHouse full of pros that specialize in the ho'inMake that money rain as they taking off they clothesOrder plane ticketsCali is the missionVisit every month like I'm split life livingLet the world listenIf a hater's caught slippingThen my niggas stay tightGot my back like PippenFast life grippingYeah, We still tippin'Codeine cups paint a picture so vividFakes try to mimicGet girls timidBut behind closed doors they get poles so rigid…

[Hook]All that money the money is the motiveAll that money the money is the motiveAll that money the money she be foldingGirl put in work girl girl put in workGirl put in work girl girl put in workGirl put in work

[Verse 2]Push it to the limitPush it through the painI push it for the pleasure like a virgin to the gameA virgin to that moneyA virgin to the fameSo this my only chanceAnd when I'm over only pray that I flow from the bottomCloser to the topThe higher that I climbThe harder I'mma dropThese pussy ass niggas tryna hold on to their creditSo I tell them use a debitWatch they image start to lessenI warn them like discretionWhy these niggas testing?Always fucking twistedWhy these niggas testing?Shit that I got them on straight bar hoppingTo the music of the ambianceGet shit poppingZombies of the nightNiggas ain't talking if they hyping to the crew get it in like pocketsDowntown lovingWhen the moon comingOnly place to find baseheads and hot women


[Verse 3]Better slow downShe'll feel it in the morningAin't the kind of girl you'll be seeing in the morningToo damn raw ain't no nigga with her rollinAin't no nigga that she holdingMan, her love is too damn foreign

[Hook x2]

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