Miley Cyrus "Goodbye" lyrics

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I can honestly say you've been on my mindSince I woke up todayI look at your photograph all the timeThese memories come back to lifeAnd I don't mind

(Chorus)I remember when we kissedI still feel it on my lipsThe time that you danced with meWith no music playingI remember those simple thingsI remember 'til I cryBut the one thing I wish I’d forgetThe memory I want to forget

Is goodbye

I woke up this morning and played our songAnd through my tears I sang alongI picked up the phone and then put it down'Cause I know I’m wasting my timeAnd I don't mind


Suddenly my cell phone's blowing upWith your ring-toneI hesitate but answer it anywayYou sound so aloneAnd I’m surprised to hear you say

You remember when we kissedYou still feel it on your lipsThe time that you danced with meWith no music playingYou remember those simple thingsWe talk 'til we cryYou say that your biggest regretThe one thing you wish I’d forgetIs saying goodbyeSaying goodbyeGoodbye

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