Nicki Minaj "Yasss Bish" lyrics

Yasss Bish

[Hook 1: Soulja Boy]Yasss, Bish, Yasss [x12]

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]Me, I'm just me, me, I'm just realMe, I'm that bitch that be footing the billOnly a real nigga could cop a feelCredit Card blacker than that nigga Seal25 million to broker the dealJewish my lawyer, he Kosher, the Dill (Deal)And I am still poppin' them pillsI don't give a fuck how you bitches feelJealousy, jealousy that's how you feel?I am still living in Beverly HillsTell 'em to chill, tell 'em to chillTell all them people, my wrist is on chillBitches can't beat me, they ain't got the skillEye of the tiger they ain't got the killLook up to Jada, I love her and WillBitches my sons but they not in my willThe fuck be wrong with these bitches?The fuck be wrong with these niggas?

[Hook 2: Soulja Boy & Nicki Minaj]Yasss, Bish, Yasss [x12]Tell 'em give a bad bitch her proper dueWhat they say ain't never what they gon' doIt say 250, on that fucking stickerPinkPrint hot, it should be in some slippersNiggas know me, yeah

[Verse 2: Nicki Minaj]I don't fuck with you niggas, I own the ClippersI own some homes, I own my own liquorBitches is bitter, my titties is biggerYou bitches my sons, I need a babysitterI am the dream, on the dream teamI am Olajuwon I am HakeemDul Jabbar, I am KareemI am the Queen because I'm a machineYou not ready, you not seasonedGo against me I say, "Fix it Jesus"Thinking they hot, talk shit a lotBut when they shit drop I say "Fix it Jesus"Oh, your shit, ain't gold!Word, to my bank rollReal niggas, ain't soldDropping my single in two weeksThe PinkPrint album a movieBitches be thinkin' they hotBut, these bitches be using that term, so loosely

[Hook 2: Soulja Boy & Nicki Minaj]

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