Macklemore "Kings" lyrics


[Hook:]In the darkest of daysMen become kings and still die of old ageWhile the children become godsAt last the whole world begins to play

/V. 1: Pearl Dragon/My body is adorned with thornsKing with a crown of thornsI wash my feet and kiss the ground I'm onI wash my feet kiss the ground I'm on, I'm onJump niggas ( = niggardly) cause they thought I was a pawnBut knowin' I'm a king I'm about to get onThis the sirens for the quiet of the stormRing that alarm, R-r-ring that alarmYo her body was adorn adorned,And I adored her, so much that I had to ignore herHer body I explored it, like an explor-herHer first name was Dora, her first name was DoraI opened up the door and sawMy queen getting raw, getting rawSo like me beatin Resevoir DogHad to hit it raw, no not raw dogI was a, hog, but I don't eat the porkShe was a swine, crippling' my timeOn the cast of my pearl, yo she wasn't my girlThis wasn't reality, this wasn't my worldLike Jimi or Kurt beforeKing with a crown I shall be adoredEven if I have, always been ignoredI was not the norm I will not be ignored


/V. 2: Thomas Gray/Young world this the story of the kingsA nigga ( = niggardly) couldn't decide should I rap or should I singAnd since God blessed me with my wingsI'm like a lil' nappy-head Bill Russell with the rings, feel me?Lately globetrottin' through a lotta trapsFriends become rats, I'm talkin Judas in expensive slacksFuck em, to tell the truth now I'm over thatSucker 'I'll be suckers, it don't matter that you roll with packI steady grab my nuts and you can roll with thatPardon my back, and the weight on my shoulders blackHistory's on my side, these niggas hard in they carsBut in the streets they can't look me in the eye(Look me in the eye, look me in the eye)(Champagne Champagne)

/V. 3: Macklemore/(Can I get em?)Stand like a man, move like a legendTalk but with action, that's how you'll be rememberedThe greats learned that humility is a weaponSever ties with the part of you too big to learn a lessonSit in silence, to fight the mind and try to find the presentCause we only get a couple chances to be epicAnd I'm connected, like God plugged my headphonesDirectly into heaven and told me to go and get em with thisMic cord, I am, nothing you can tell meThey bark when they talk but they walk like the leglessThe purpose of my art, is for people to respect meI'm not a king I'm a servant to the desires that tempt meOnly way to escape the cage in a valley of rootsBe a mirror to the people when they're searchin for truthOnly way to escape the cage in a valley of rootsClaim the mirror, my people, keep searchin for you


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