Hatsune Miku "I Understand In Reality" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: FR RU

Even from here on, playing with everyone
We've been talking with each other while laughing but
I really know, and understand that
Spending our time together like this, won't happen again

I won't forget the scenery at the hill road we walked on for many times

If the spring comes, this road too will surely
Have petals fluttering and dancing around
When that time comes, who are we with and where?
Even if we get separated, the time we spent together will stay
So let's lightly wave our hands at each other, say goodbye with a smile

Making new friends, buddies, and the like
We can increase the variety like this

Now, even the really old uniform that I hate
I seem to hold it dear

If the spring comes, from that surely
Little by little, we won't meet each other
Even it's like that, we should get used to it, right?
There's no way I wanted it to be over but, it's really going to be sad
That's why, in the end, let's wave our hands, say goodbye with a smile

Even now when the spring came, I can recall, the time of our old selves
The stairs to adulthood, we totally didn't see it
Now that we are separated, I wonder how everyone is doing
If we'll have the chance someday, we'll meet each other again smiling

If that happens, it will be great!