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Amon Amarth "North Sea Storm" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: FR

Above my head mighty men battle -
Flashing blades rip through the air,
Cracking shields with rumbling thunder,
Rolling over the waves.

Blood pours like rain onto the sea.
As it wind-whipped foams,
Warlords in shining helmets
Send men screaming to their death.

Clouds of black cover the sea,
Day turns into night,
Infinite darkness beckons me.
No more sun, no more light.

Ships tied stern to stern,
A battle on the north sea waves.
Hearts of braves brightly burn,
Berserks swing their metal-blades.

Battle hammers hit with force,
Crushing helmet covered heads.
Dying men tumble over board,
Foaming waves colored red.

Memories invade my mind
As my harness brings me down.

My body's getting cold and numb
As the ocean pulls me down.

Above my head my brave friends battle,
Their flashing blades rip through the air,
Sending men screaming to join me,
As I die in these cold north sea waves.