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Christian Hymns & Songs "Maria Reina" Liedtext

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O Maria Reina,
Mama de s’Eternu Sarbadore,
Pregatilu a su Segnore
Chi no nos ponzat mente in tantu male.

E chi pothan tzensare
Su dolore, s’odiu e i’sas gherras
Pro chi torret pache in terra
Pro su meritu tou, o Mama Santa.

Tzesset donzi angustia,
Tzesset donzi umana sufferentzia.
O Segnore apae clementzia
Pro sos pecados de s’umanidade.

Sas nostras pregadorias
Acantza, Mama 'e su Redentore,
Pone fine a sos dolores,
Penas, turmentos e carestias.

E indita nos sa ‘ia
Pro arribare a Fizu tou santu,
E carrarza nos cun su mantu,
O soberana e amabile Maria.

Finas ch’apo a poder cantare
Fatho custa pregadoria,
La canto cun sa ‘oghe mia
A te, a te, a te o Maria.

Oh Mary Queen,
Mother of the Eternal Saviour,
Pray to the Lord
That he doesn’t mind us for so much evil.

And may pain,
Hatred and wars cease
So that may peace return on earth
Thanks to your merit, Holy Mother.

May every distress cease,
May every human suffering cease.
Oh Lord, have mercy
For the sins of mankind.

Please fulfill our prayers
Mother of the Redeemer,
Put an end to all pains,
sorrows, sufferings and famines.

And show us the way
To reach your holy Son,
And cover us with your mantle
Oh sovereign and gentle Mary.

As long as I can sing,
I’ll say this prayer,
I sing it with my voice
To you, to you, to you, Mary.