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Thievery Corporation "Depth Of My Soul" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: FR EL HU

Where our world falls to pieces
and the moonlight starts to hide,
in a million little splinters,
in the corners of our mind.

Where endless colors
they are swallowed by the sun,
in a trail full of echoes,
just before they had begun.

And fountains full of flowers,
on islands full of tears.
Weeping willows and fireworks
explode then disappear.

You believe what you see,
all the things that you know.
But oh, you don't know
the depth of my soul.

Karma's just a key,
unlocking every gate.
Eyes are just mirrors
putting us to our fate.

The sound of hello,
like a light to the blind,
sending us on a spiral,
through a world of goodbyes.

All the truth that we crave
its our fruitless parade,
in a circus of our shadows
where we play our charades.

You believe what you see
all the things that you know.
But oh you don't know
the depth of my soul

Language: English

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