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Anas Kareem "3azabouna (عذبونا)" Liedtext

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شو نحنا بايديهن لعبة جننونا
كل البنات نفس الحركات
عم نوفيلن وعم نخلصلن
بس اللي بحبا بتعشق من قلبا
ما بتفكر الا في يسلملي قلبا
وبتسهر ليلية كرمال عيني
وبتتعذب وبتتمرمر تا ابقى جنبا
مافينا منحكم عليهن من علاقة
متل الوردات المختلفة بنفس الباقة

بتزعل انت شو طيب انت
وحياتك بكرا بتعرف غيرك
هي طبع البنت
شو بيضمنلك تبقى تحبك
ومايعبيلا راسا غيرك
بتشارط شرط
أنا واثق من حبا
ومن طيبة قلبا
عينيها لحالن بيحكو
بقلبا شو مخبا
بنت مرباية أحسن ترباية
بترك هالعالم كرمالة بيكفيني قربا

حاجة تحلم صحصح وافهم
بدك تتعذب عالفاضي وبدك تندم
مارح تفهم ورح تتألم
ومارح تسمعنا ومن كيسك رح تتعلم
كلمة وبحكيها وما رح تنيها
هيدي اللي بحبا يا عالم والمتمنيها
مافي باخلاصا برقة احساسا
بتستاهل اندر عيني يبقو حراسا

They harm us, and they unsettle us. Are we toys in their hands? They drive us crazy!
All the girls behave in the same way: They do it with us and when they are finished they cheat us!

But the one who i fall in love with, loves me from her heart!
She is just thinking about me, she´s so lovely!
And she stays up all night just because of me.
And she does everything so that i stay with her.

We can´t judge about them without reason, they are like the flowers which are various in a bouquet.
Whether you´ll be sad now: you´re too good-natured.
I swear, tomorow she will new someone else, thats the typical behaviour of a girl.

As much as you wish that you´ll love her always, and no one other than you comes in her mind (sharet sherb=??)
I´m convinced of her love and of her affection.
Her eyes on their one don´t tell what is hidden in her heart.
An accomplished girl, the best education.
I would leave all people for her, her nearness is enough for me

Stop dreaming,
wake up and understand!
You´ll suffer for nothing and you´ll regret it.
You are not understanding, you´ll get hurt.
You aren´t listening to us but you´ll learn from your own mistakes then.

It´s one word that i tell, i won´t repeat it.
She is the one who i love and who i want!
There is no one who is so honest or affectionate like her.
She deserves that i sacrifice my eyes to protecting her.

Artist: Anas Kareem
Language: Arabic

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