Mark Knopfler "Baloney Again" Songtext

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Baloney Again

We don't eat in no white restaurantsWe're eating in a carBaloney again, baloney againWe don't sleep in no white hotel bedWe're sleeping in a car, baloney againYou don't strut around in these country townsYou best stay in the carLook on ahead don't stare aroundYou best stay where you areYou're a long way from home, boyDon't push your luck too farBaloney again

Twenty-two years we've sung the wordSince nineteen thirty-oneAmen, I say amenNow the young folk want to praise the LordWith guitar, bass and drums, amenWell I'll never get tired of JesusBut it's been a heavy loadCarrying His precious loveDown a long dirt roadWe're a long way from homeJust let's pay the man and goBaloney again

The Lord is my shepherdHe leadeth me in pastures greenHe gave us this dayOur daily bread and gasolineGo under the willowPark her up beside the streamShoulders for pillowsLay down your head and dreamShoulders for pillowsLay down your head and dream

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