Jonas Brothers "Mandy" Songtext

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[Verse 1]Mandy used to be that girlThe one that never said a wordBut she only sangS Club 7 and all those boy bandsNow it's been a few yearsIt looks like things have changedNow she's mine and I want to say

[Chorus:]Mandy always laughs when I act stupidI am unaware that I'm a nuisanceWith her it's never wasted timeMandy always knows exactly what I'mThinking and she's always on my mindAnd now, I'm never gonna let her goCause Mandy always knows

[Verse 2]Mandy always tells the truthEven when it's hard to doAnd she always understandsEven when it don't make senseEven though she is the blondeI'm the one that feels so dumb


[Bridge]When I have a problemI'm sure that Mandy knowsWhen I'm feeling lonelyI'm sure that Mandy knowsWhen everything's crazyShe's always there for meAnd I'm sure that she knowsI'm never ever gonna let her go


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