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Ruslana "Energy of Love" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: AZ FR EL HE IT RU ES

Tears drop over the mountains
In the silence of deserts
I can’t stop, just can’t stay
I keep walking away

No ones here who can help me
Nothings up there to change it
I could have stayed home, could have come back
I wish I could stay, I walk away

Tears drop over the mountains
From the eyes of the sunset
I still feel your lips, just can’t forget
And there’s no day that I regret

Why do we have to take that?
Where do we want to go now?
I don’t really know that, you can’t really say
And I just keep waking far away

We can go all the way to nowhere
We can run anywhere we want to
We can say anything now
But we’ll never walk from the energy of love