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Aca Lukas "Bila si odlicna" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

Pricas mi lazi, sapces na uho
slusam te, kazi, a sta cu drugo
od prvog trena to moje srce zna
bila i ostala dusa prodana

Pricas mi lazi, ma nikad ne stati
vise ne vazi, ne mogu slusati
isteklo vreme, pala kazaljka
ma bez dileme pronadji drugoga

Bila si odlicna, malo romanticna
za krevet dvolicna do svitanja
bila si poslusna, nikako suvisna
a sada odlazim bez puno pitanja

Pricas mi lazi a bas se primeti
previse vina a malo pameti
ma vec odavno bas me nerviras
umesto dorucka price serviras


Ref. 2x

You're telling me lies, whispering to my ear,
I'm listening to you, say, what should I do instead.
Since the first moment, my heart knows
that you were, and will be a damned soul.

You're telling me lies you never stop,
it doesn't matter anymore, I can't listen.
Time is up, needle has fallen,
just without a doubt, find someone else.

You were excellent, a little bit romantic,
two-faced for a bed, until dawn.
You were obedient, by no means redundant,
and now I'm leaving without many questions.

You're telling me lies, but it is noticeable
too much wine, but lack of intelligence.
You are annoying me for a long time,
instead of breakfast, you're serving me stories.


Ref. 2x