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Melhem Zein "Enti Mesheti - انتي مشيتي" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

إنتي مشيتي و بكيت الوردة

باب الهنـا ضيعتي مفتاحو

إلا حنيني ما بقى عنـــدي

كمشة أمل ع غيبتك راحــو

عصفور عندي بالقفص بردان

معود عليكِ و كترت جراحو

مرقو صابيعك بوسوا القضبان

طق السجين و كتف جنــــاحو

البعد قلبي ما حسب

و بكيت قدامك عتب

ما شفت بعيونك سبب

عن جد ييبعدني

و الدمع بعيوني وعي

حسيت راح قول ارجعي

غصيت ما طلعت معي

يـــــا رب ساعدني

وقفت و ما بدي اوصف الوقفةِ

وقفــة بــرئ بحـكم اعدامو

من كل عمرو بــعد في نتـفةِ

صارت صابيــعو تعد ايــــامو

صوتــي غدرني قبل ما تقفي

قال ارجعي و الشوق في كلامــو

قلبي اللي عمرو ما عرف ضعفي

ورقــة خريــف سقــطي قدامـو

ممنون صوتي اللي انجرح

ردك الي و قلبــي انفتح

مديت ايدي للصــلـــــح

و بقيت ماددهـــــا

حدي وقفتي ملبــكي

حسيت ع شفــافك حكي

عم يختنق تحت البكي

يـــا رب ســاعدهـا

u just left and the rose cried
happiness' door...u lost its key
nothing remains with me ...but desire
even the little hope ....has gone to ur home...
and a bird with me in his cage...feeling cold
used to be with u ...and his wounds became too many
ur fingers had passed between the railings and kissed it
the presioner has been beaten...and his wings were been captured

being apart...never been n my consideration
and in front of u i cried blaming u ..
but didn't find in ur eyes any logic reason to stay away from u
with tears n my eyes ...felt i'd say " come back"
but i couldn't say it... God please,help me
i stood up there...can't describe how i stood up there
like an innocent person waiting a death penalty
and she became a young woman ... turned up his days
my voice couldn't help me before i finish the sentence
"stay with me"
my heart which never saw my weakness...
has fell like an autumn's leave...
my voice which is broken
is so grateful ...
ur reply became so precious
but my heart was opened up to hear u
and i wanted to shake ur hand..
but u stayed beside me so confused
i felt there r some words on ur lips...
suffocate because of ur tears..please, God help her