Jason Derulo "Fire" Liedtext


[Intro: Pitbull]It's Mr. 305I just want to talk to all the women out there that you see them and they be on fireI'm talking about those burning the dance floorDale ?

[Verse 1: Pitbull]Look at her burning the floorShe's leaving with me, you already knowEvery time I bust a rhymeI got these mamas like, "Give me some more, give me some more"So I give them what they ask forI rap my cash flowShe's fireVen pa' ca que yo rompo papaya, ay-ay-ayaMami, got my feelings hurtWith all that ass and that pencil skirtAnd 9 times of 10You're gonna catch me with a 9 or a 10Drinks up (yeah), hands up (oh)Drinks up (yeah), hands up (oh)Forget your plans, cause tonight you mineAnd baby, you're fire

[Verse 2: Jason DeRulo]I'm on a rollYou look like something I can take tonightOh-oh-OH-oh-oh-ohI'll be your doseWhile you're girl's in the bathroom blurring linesOh-oh-OH-oh-oh-oh

[Pre-Hook]Oo-oo-oo-oo-OO-oo, OO-oo-oo-oo-ooYou're burning up, don't need a lighterBuckle up, it's an all-nighterOo-oo-oo-oo-OO-oo, OO-oo-oo-oo-ooHey Mary Jane, you know I'd loved toTake you down, turn up

[Hook 1: Jason DeRulo]You're on fireThe way you move, it turns me on, yeahI go all nightYou got the right to do me wrong, yeah

[Hook 2: Pitbull & Jason DeRulo][Pitbull]Drinks up (yeah), hands up (oh)Drinks up (yeah), hands up (oh)Hands up (oh), hands up (oh)Hands up (oh), hands up (oh)[Jason DeRulo]You're on fireThe way you move it turns me on, yeah

[Verse 3: Jason DeRulo]I'll be your ecsCause soon enough, you're gon' be sweating meOh-oh-OH-oh-oh-ohCount on thisOne drink can come, two, and we'll make it threeOh-oh-OH-oh-oh-oh

[Pre-Hook & Hook 1 & Hook 2]


[Hook x2]