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Dragana Mirković "Pecat na usnama" Liedtext

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Idem, danas je nedelja
ne oprastam tvoja nedela
Ti zivi zivot da se oporavis
i da me jednom zaboravis

Nosi moj pecat na usnama
mada nije podobno varaj me slobodno
karmin se s kosulje lako pere
al’ nikad ruke od nevere

Nema me vise u tvom krevetu
na to nisi racunao
i da si konacno u srcu mom
mesto izgubio

I'm leaving,today is Sunday
i dont forgive yours wrong doings
you live your life to recover
and to forget me for once

wear my ipress on lips
even its not appropriatelly,deceive on me freely
lipstick from shirt is easily washed
but never the hands of not belief

I'm not in yor bed no more
on thet you didnt count
and finally you in my heart
lost the place