Gianna Nannini "Donne in amore" Liedtext

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Donne in amore

Quando giri per la città è difficile incontrarlama non perdi di vista mai gli occhi nudi sul voltodai silenzi vicine voci umbratilisono scritte sui muri dei cortili nelle notti colonialiE mia nonna è una quercia e vasi erge nella tempestanei momenti di guerra stirasenza lacrime oscuresopra i campi di granole sottane in sufanno odore di marenelle navi degli inverni da passaredonne in amore donne in amore.......Poi si ferma in fotografiaha una spilla nel cuore ed è miati cancella lo sguardo è sìse decide cosìnon ci sono carezze non perdoneràviaggerà su quel camionsola sola sola sola immaginare...donne in amore....donne in amore......donne in amore

Women in love

When you’re going around in the city it is difficult to run into her but you never lose sight of the bare eyes on the face from the silence, close and withdrawn voices are like graffitis on the courtyards walls in the midst of colonial nights And my grandmother is an oak and she’s on her way she would rise in a storm when war is raging she would keep on ironing without any murky tears over the cornfields. Her gowns slightly pulled up give off a smell like the sea on the ships of winters that one has to endure women in love, women in love….. Then she is still, in a picture she has a brooch in her heart and it’s my own she will erase your gaze : it is so if so she wants it to be there will be no tenderness, she won’t forgive she will travel on that truck alone, alone, alone, alone, imagine… women in love, women in love