Drake "Used To" Songtext

Used To

[Intro: RiFF RAFF]Boys, now listen, we got more motherfuckin' TV screensOn the outside the damn tour bus than on that motherfucker. Boys playin' PlaystationWe come through motherfuckin' hang glidingOff motherfuckin' Versace skyscrapersI don't get it, what more can you ask for?

[Drake]Yeah, sound sound soundReal 6 side shitSickos, ah man

[Verse 1: Drake]Yeah, when you get to where I'm atYou gotta remind 'em where the fuck you atEvery time they talkin' it's behind your backGotta learn to line 'em up and then attackThey gon' say your name on them airwavesThey gon' hit you up right after like it's only rapJewels look like I found a motherfuckin' treasure mapAnd ain't told no one where the fuck it's atShout out to the G's from the endsWe don't love no girls from the endsI'm gon hit 'em with the wham once againI'mma always end up as a man in the end, dogIt's just apparent every yearOnly see the truth when I'm staring in the mirrorLookin' at myself like, there it is thereYeah, like there it is there man, whooI ain't tryna chance itI be with the bands like a nigga went to Jackson StateOr GramblingYoung Nick Cannon with the snare drum, dancin'Watch the way I handle it, uhBring it to the bedroom, you know that shit is candle litShe know I'm the man with it, uhWith the bands like I must've went to Clark, went to HamptonI ain't playin' with it

[Hook: Drake]I ain't felt the pressure in a little whileIt's gonna take some getting used toFloatin' all through the city with the windows downPuttin' on like I used toThey never told me when you get the crownIt's gon' take some getting used toNew friends all in their old feelings nowThey don't love you like they used to man

[Verse 2: Drake]Way more gully gully than buddy buddyNever needed your acceptance, never needed nothin'You don't understand, I'm the only one to hear fromYou don't understand that it's me or nothin'Yea, I'm fuckin' glowin' upShaq postin' up on niggas that I used to have posters ofReal quick man, you couldn't have hated thatLet's be real nigga, you couldn't have made it thatWoah, dance our dance, watch me danceYou're fuckin' with the best man, I'm too advancedAfter this drop I got new demandsCan't meet the terms, keep it movin' thenMake sure the plane got a phone nowSo when we bout to land I can call to tell the wolves I'm home nowI'll tell 'em link up at the valley at the HazyThink I had the shit that had the city going crazy

[Hook: Drake]

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]When you get to where the fuck I'm atYou gotta remind 'em about where you beenAbout all of the money that done came and wentAbout the two cents I ain't never spentWhen they say you're too famous to pack a gatI gotta remind 'em about where I'm fromNot about where I'm going, about where I've goneStepping on a Swisher roach like a stepping stoneGoin' at a nigga throat like a herringboneBoy do I smell beef? Mmmm pheromonesGot a fuckin' halo over my devil hornsTrap pumpin' all night like ChevronSuck a nigga dick for a iPhone 6Fuck my nigga Terry for a new BlackberryYou can get buried for a ounce of Katy PerryI was only five but still remember the drought in '87Lord tell 'em bitches I ain't got no times to play games with 'emI ain't got no timeTell her that I love her and I hate her in the same sentenceI'm fuckin' her mindI got, mind control over DeeboParmesan my paninoPromethazine over PinotAnd when my bloods start shootin' that's B-roll bitch

[Hook: Drake + Lil Wayne]

[Outro: RiFF RAFF]Let's just let bygones be bygones, okay?Let's just go ahead and just let bygones be bygonesI pull up lookin' like a damn cyborg, weighin' 224Oh man, these boys don't even understandListen when you see OVO Jodi pull up on the scene with DrakeFor goodness sakes, well for goodness sakesYou see this mixtape you listenin' to? This an albumYea, we could have, we could have sold it to you for 17.99Or 29.99 with the shirt, buy it at the TargetThese motherfuckers trippin' so hard I had to look down and double check cause I thought they had their shoes tied togetherMotherfuckers got they shoes tied togetherWhat more could you ask for?Boys harassing me with these questionsHow about this?How about don't ask me no more motherfucking questionsWe ain't doing no interview

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