Nickelback "S.E.X." Songtext

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[Verse 1]"No" is a dirty word,Never gonna say it first,"No" is just a thought that never crosses my mindMaybe in the parking lot,Better bring your friend along,Better off together than just one at a time

[Chorus]S is for the simple needE is for the ecstasyX is just to mark the spotBecause that's the one you really want(Yes!) Sex is always the answer, it's never a question,'Cause the answer's yes, oh the answer's (Yes)Not just a suggestion, if you ask the question,Then it's always yes. Yeah!

[Verse 2]I'm loving what you wanna wear,I wonder what's up under there?Wonder if I'll ever have it under my tongue?I'd love to try to set you free,All of you all over meLove hearin' the sound you make the second you're done

[Chorus] (x2)

Hier finden Sie den Text des Liedes S.E.X. Song von Nickelback. Oder der Gedichttext S.E.X.. Nickelback S.E.X. Text. Kann auch unter dem Titel SEX bekannt sein (Nickelback) Text.