Gloria Estefan "So Good" Liedtext

So Good

Just look the other way, I knowIf I could resist I wouldBe smart and just walk out the doorOr at least I know I shouldThe minute that you touched my handI knew without a doubtThat you would have the upper handBut that's what life's aboutAnd it feels so goodYou make me feel so good

Can't wait to get you all aloneTo see what lies aheadI'll leave behind my comfort zoneAnd kiss your lips insteadI wanna feel how warm it getsWhen your body's close to mineI wanted it the day we metAnd you wouldn't leave my mind

That it would feel so goodYou make me feel so good

You can try to analyze itOr just accept how you feelPinch yourself, look in the mirrorBaby this is realYou should feel so lucky that you'reOnly one of a fewThat makes me forget everyone elseAnd wanna be with you

You make me feel so good