Backstreet Boys "Let's Have a Party" Liedtext

Let's Have a Party

But all I wanna know is where the party at (2x)

Let's have a party (2x)EverybodyLet's have a party

But all I wanna know is where the party at

I've been watchin youYou've been watchin meLet's stop playin' games girlCome and dance with meDon't you hear the musicDon't you feel the grooveYeahCome on girlGet on the floorI wanna dance with you

But all I wanna know is where the party at

Let's have a partyEverybodyThrow your hands up in the airLet's have a partyI like the way you swing itEverybodyGirl you knowMmmmmYou're lookin goodLet's have a partyGirl you gotta work that body

Girl I must be dreaminTo have a night like thisHolding handsBeing closeSharin our first kissYou really blow my mindCan't believe it's trueI've been waiting all night longTo get a girl like you

Brige:Let's have a party(Shake it baby, shake it)We're movin to the groove yeahLet's have a partyAll the fellas and the hunniesGet on the floorEverybodyCuz we're gonna have a partyLet's have a partySo everybody enjoy yourself with me

Rap:Welcome everybodyTo the partyDon't forget the hunniesThe mad fun has just began at the party yo!Give a call or beep herMake sure your girl ain't creepinIt's time to get it onThe dance floorYou want more than what you came here forI see you lookin at meAcross the dance floorI wish for that sweet little kissDon't be no CinderellaAnd go *poof* after midnight

Let's have a partyI likeEverybodyLet's have a partyThrow your hands upEverybodyGirl you knowMmmm(You're lookin good)I like the way you swingYeahWe're movin to the grooveYeahEverybodyThrow your hands upCuz we're gonna have a partySo enjoy yourself with me (repeat fading out)