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amazarashi "Hana wa dareka no shitai ni saku (花は誰かの死体に咲く)" Liedtext

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街路樹も染まるから 素知らぬ顔で赤色 裏切られた気分で 寒空の下で
嫌なニュースばかりで 耳を塞いでいたら 発車のベルを聞き逃して 南無阿弥陀仏
母親のあきれ顔 寒々とした旭町 非暴力の近海で爆撃機が飛んで
生活と空想 世俗と現実逃避の成れの果て

人類が誕生し約七百万年 今日までに死んだ人の全ての遺体が
土に埋まってんなら 君が生きてる町も 世界中どこだって誰かの墓場なんだ
ぞっとしない話しだが それに救われたんだ 高層ビルもアパートも墓標みたいだ
憂鬱も悲しみも思い出も 分解してくれないか

綺麗でもなんでもねえ 小さな花が咲いた
君の無様の肯定 やむにやまれず生きて 名付けられもしないで
捨てられた生ゴミも 悔やみきれず死んでも 叶えられる事なかった誰かの夢も
一つ残らず土に還るのだ 花は誰かの死体に咲く

町が夜を追い出そうとするから夜空の下 大げさに騒いでは炎を焚いた
ビルの明かり 街灯 電飾看板など ついに都市は孤独を克服したのだ
それでも田舎の夜を 一人で彷徨うより 募る都市の寂しさは一体なんだろう
きっと人と比べてしまうから 僕の幸福は相対的だった

綺麗でもなんでもねえ 汚れた友が笑えば
僕の失敗の肯定 選べなかった道で 恥も外聞もねえ
抱きしめたあの人も 向かい風の嘲笑も 讃えられる事なかった君の勝利も
一つ残らず土に還るのだ 花は誰かの死体に咲

かつての戦場に人が営んだとて 悲惨な事件の現場に花手向けたとて
捨てられた町に未だ木々が根付くとて 祖父へのお供え物に虫がたかるとて
虚しさに生きてその最中に笑えよ さよならは一瞬だその最中に歌えよ
朽ちる命抱きしめて泣きじゃくる晩は 踏みしめてる土に祈れ生命賛歌

綺麗でもなんでもねえ 命が今日も笑えば
人の傲慢の肯定 逃れられぬ命を 逃げるように生きてよ
笑い合えたこの日々も 失くした日の痛みも なんとか死にきれそうなこんな人生も
一つ残らず土に還るのだ 花は誰かの死体に咲く

The trees by the side of the road are dyed in the red of fake ignorance. The cold weather above leaves me feeling betrayed.
If you close your ears to the news, filled with tragedy as it is, you’ll miss the sound of the train as it leaves. Oh Lord, forgive us our sins.
In the wintry town of Asahi, my mother wore a horrified face as a bomber launched just off the peaceful coast nearby.
Our lives and daydreams are the husks of worldliness and escapism.

Since the dawn of humanity, roughly seven million years ago, where have the bodies of all those who surely died gone?
Suppose they’re buried beneath the earth. Then surely the town you live in, and any place on Earth you set foot are each their own graveyard.
It might not be a pleasant thought, but it made me feel a whole lot better. Both high-rise and apartment buildings become the gravestones.
Won’t you take apart my depression and sadness? And my memories too.

Though it may not be pretty, the bud of a tiny flower bloomed.
It only affirms your awkwardness. Live like you don’t have a choice, and never let yourself be named.
Whether the trash thrown out on garbage day, those who wound up dying in lament, even the dreams of people that never got the chance to come true,
All without question return to the earth. And after, atop their corpses flowers will bloom.

The town would soon strive to drive away the night, and so under the moon-filled night, a violent fire roared.
With the lit windows and street lamps, along with all the city lights, the town has finally driven off its loneliness.
So why does my solitude feel so much worse now than when I wandered through the countryside alone at night?
I wonder if it started when I began comparing other’s lives to my own.

Though it may not be pretty, when these shallow friends of mine laugh,
It only affirms my failures. I’m not here of my own choosing. I’ve no shame or honor to stake.
Whether the one I held in my arms, all of the sneers carried by the wind, even all the victories you earned that I never praised,
All without question return to the earth. And after, atop their corpses flowers will bloom.

Even if people build on what was once a battleground, even if flowers are offered at the scene of a tragedy,
Even if countless trees continue to flourish in the lost town, even if insects swarm the offering to my late grandad,
Laugh even when in the midst of a life of solitude. Sing even when farewells only last but a moment.
On nights when you cry over the rotting life in your arms, walk the well-trodden path as you offer a eulogy to life.

Though it may not be pretty, if fate can keep on laughing today,
It only affirms mankind’s arrogance. Live like you’re trying to run away from your inescapable fate.
Whether the days we laughed together, the pain of the times that we lost, even these lives of ours that could be cut off at any moment,
All without question return to the earth. And after, atop their corpses flowers will bloom.