Herbert Grönemeyer "Marie" Liedtext

In her face there hides no secret
wrinkled nose, ears pricked for fun
eyes see nothing but pleasure
there's a whole universe in this one
without care or concern
a gulf stream for the most frozen heart
so full of energy
you brighten my day

so impudent your outlook
sadness has no chance
irresistibly so enchanting
gentle compassion like a spring overflows
your steel blue light, full of the joys of life
heavenly design, sunlight streams from your smile

you make my emotions hit the high spot
and you're always magical to me
my anger disappears in your presence
I love you oh so much, Marie

every inch of you incredible
so soft, it's beyond belief
the sheer power of your life force
makes me weak, makes me shake like a leaf
your boisterousness is sure to light up the darkest scene
you're stubborn as a mule,
I'm caught up in the tide of your dreams


your head on my shoulder's addictive
every fibre is alchemy
open and free, I'm so entranced by your innocent peace
you've a hold on me...

[Chorus, 2x]