Jannat "Akid Zealet (اكيد زعلت)" Liedtext

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أكيد زعلت على اللي كان أنا ليا فيه وعنه اتنازلت
أول ما شوفت في واحدة ايدها بين ايديه فجأة اتصدمت

مع انها ممكن تكون روحه و حبيبته
مع ان أنا اللي طلبت نبعد لما سبته

معرفش ليه غيرت عليه وكأنه خاني
ودموعي نزلت من عنيا غصب عني
حسيت بجد اني اتقتلت

بصيت لتحت و اتداريت وخوفت لا يشوفني اتجرحت
ومشيت اوام من المكان يا قلبي ليه خلتني رُحت

بعد الفراق مجاش في بالي اني هقابله
فكرني تاني باللي منه و تتحسبله

انا كنتي عايشة براحتي في اليوم اللي قبله
ايه اللي جرالي مالي حنيت لما شوفته
يا قلبي انسى لو سمحت

Surely I got saddened because of forfeiting the one who belonged to me
The moment I saw a girl with her hands in his, I was shocked

Although she might be his soul and his love..
Although I was the one who asked for us to separate when I left him..

I don't know why I got jealous as if he cheated on me
And my tears flowed from my eyes in spite of me
I felt really that I got killed

I looked down and hid, I was scared he might see I got hurt
And I left immediately from that place, oh my heart, why did you make me go?

After the separation, it didn't occur to me that I will meet him
He reminded me again of what's between us and it's a point in his favor1

I was living life as I like the day before,
What happened to me? Why did I long for him when I saw him?
Oh my heart, please forget