Amy Winehouse "Amy Amy Amy (Outro)" Songtext

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Amy Amy Amy (Outro)

Attracts me, till it hurts to concentrate,Distract me, stop me doing work I hateJust to show him how it feels;I walk past his desk in heelsOne leg resting on the chairFrom the side he pulls my hair.

[Chorus:]Amy Amy AmyAlthough I've been here beforeAmy Amy AmyHe's just too hard to ignoreMasculine you spin a spellI think you'd wear me wellAmy Amy AmyWhere's my moral parallel?

It takes me half an hour to write a verseHe makes me imagine it from bad to worseMy weakness for the other sexEvery time his shoulders flexThe way the shirt hangs off his backMy train of thought spins right off track


His own style, right down to his Diesel jeansImmobile, I can't think by any meansUnderwear peeks out the topI'll let you know when you should stopFrom the picture my mind drewI know I'd look good on you


Creative energy abusedAll my lyrics go unusedWhen I clock black hair blue eyesI drift off I fantasize

[Chorus x2]

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