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Yasmin Levy "Mal De L'amor" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN EL FA ES TR

El mal de l'amor
Es mal de migranya
Be ho sabia jo
De quan festejavam

Vaig festejar un temps
Una Marianna
Que de voluntat
Jo prou li importava
El mal de l´amor...

Ella també a mi
O be ho demostrava
Les claus del meu cor
Ella les portava

Jo les hi vaig dar
Una matinada
Anant a la font
A la font de l'alba

The pain of love
is a migraine pain
I've learned it too well
from when we were flirting

I was flirting once
a Marianna
for who willingly
I amply contracted it
the pain of love

She was into me as well
or she well looked like it
the keys to my heart
she carried them

I've given them to her
one morning
going to the fountain
to the fountain of dawn