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Ragheb Alama "Iddem ennas" Liedtext

Übersetzung nach: EN

قدام الناس بزعلها ما بحاكيها و ما بغازلها
لكن بيني و بينا بصير مثل الولد اللي بعده صغير
عنده لعبه حلوه كتير و قاعد عم بيلاعبها
قدام الناس بشوف حالي عليها و على اجمل غزالي
لما بقعد معها لحالي من ايد لي ايد بنقلها
قدام العالم بنساها و بقلن انا ما بهواها
لما بقعد انا وياها بدموع العين بكحلها
قدام الناس بجافيها و كلمة حلوه ما بحاكيها
لكن بالسر براضيها و عن ايديا ما بنزلها

in front of people i make her upset,i don't talk to her i don't flatter her
but when we're alone i become like a small child
that has a very beautiful toy playing by it

in front of people i don't care about her my beautiful gazzel
when i sit down with her alone,i move her from one hand to the other
in front of people i froget her and i tell them that i don't love her
when i sit down with her i give her my eye tears

in front of people i don't care about her and i don't talk to her
but in secret i satisfy her and i don't get her out of my hand