2Pac "Will My Child Remember Me? (Words 2 My First Born)" Songtext

Will My Child Remember Me? (Words 2 My First Born)

Hehehe, these are my words to my first born...

(2Pac)Can you picture, young niggaz in a rush to growTil hard timers in the pen, had to crush his throatProbably never even saw it comin - too busy bullshittinCaught him with his mouth runnin; ain't this a bitchThey got me twisted in this gameThe feds and the punk, po - lice pointin pistols at my brainI wonder if I'm wrong cause I'm thugged outMy homies murdered execution style runnin in the drug houseWhat was supposed to be a easy hit - now shit is flippedCause niggaz died over bullshit - it's not my dreamI'm seein pictures of a broken man, no witnessesOnly the questions of who smoked the man, young adolescentsIn our prime live a life of crime, though it ain't logicalWe hobble through these tryin times, livin blindLord help me with my troubled soulWhy all my homies had to die 'fore they got to grow?And right before I put my head on the pillow, say a prayer one loveTo the thugs in heaven I'll see you thereIt's written for the young and dumb that wasn't warnedHelp you make it through the stormMy words to my first born, feel me

... My words to my first born... My words to my first born

(2Pac)Since my very first day on this earth, I was cursedSo I knew, that the birth of a child would make my life worseAnd though it hurt me there was no distortionCause wild seeds can't grow, we need more abortionsQuiet your soul, cause you know what you had to doAnd so did victims of a world they never came toI understand it's a better day cominSometimes cats be sleepin on the dead endDrivin with the car runnin blindedAin't no love in the hood only hearts tornLove letters to the innocent and unbornAll the babies that died up on the tableWasn't able to breathe, cause the family wasn't ableCan't - blame her I would do the sameAll I could give it was my debt and my last nameCause in the game things change livin up and downThis hard life got me walkin with my head downFlashin frowns wasn't meant to be, was I wrong?But I'll never get to know, so I carry onIt's written for the young and dumb that wasn't bornMy words to my first born, feel me

... My words to my first born... Mmm! (Yeah) These are the words to my first born... Hey nigga talk to your born, talk to your seed nigga

(Above the Law)Two thousand somethin somethin it's a new eraA nigga's too real, now see shit too clearSee there's more than just this scrilla and this tilt(What else is it dawg?)The velvet and the silk, and makin sure my kittens got they milk(Hoo!) Gotta fill this mattress, let my kids know I'm at thisAttack this, the Mack must roll, hood strollAin't no question is it? Above the Law hustlersIf it's related to chips, homey we'll handle ya

Yo...Although we never take advantage though we always into ery'thangBy all means, stack green, gangsta leanThey say money make the world go 'roundSo only 'ssociate yourself with paper chasersAnd niggaz that's truly down - and keep God firstAnd give thanks for the good times, as well as when it hurtsIt's player haters every corner you hitTouchin their tits, hella thick, tryin to get you for yo' gripI know you stressed out and fed upBut come out, gun - blazin, and keep yo' head upYou can call it what you want to but it ain't gon' changeAbove the Law, 2Pac, O. G. 's in this rap gameAnd we done lived a long hard lifeAnd we done shed so many tears under these bright lightsY'all, although we grew up, corrupted and scornedWe still got a lot of wisdom, to give to our first born

(2Pac)What you gon' tell your kids nigga?Who was you? What was you doin? How did you put it down?These my words to my motherfuckin first bornSo they can know, y'knahmean? HeheheAin't nuttin but a motherfuckin rider, Wessyde 'til I dieThat's all it was, it's a crooked - ass hand they deal a motherfuckerI just played to win, just played to winMotherfucker gotta bet agains the odds...

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