Selena Gomez "The Zing" Songtext

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The Zing

I thought I found a love but she was just a fling.And then I met a girl,and felt a different thing.It's like your hit in the ring like you're pulled by a string.Can't breathe like you're choking on a chicken wing.

It was a thing called a zing.And I wanted to sing,and listen to the ballads of a man named Sting.Baby, looks in your eye.And it's suddenly spring like when Nala kissed Simba in the lion king.

Zinging in the air and I don't have a care.I'm winging from the zing that we share.Zinging in the rain.Now I'm feeling no pain.

It's real, time for celebrating cause you're my zing.(Drag, ready to throw down?No,no I just came closer to hear you better.Oh, come on!

Just give it a try.Alright.Maybe just a little bit).So listen all you zingers from here to beijing.You better grab a box of strings and get ready to cling cause if love was money, you'd better be yelling "cha - ching",cause next to zing, cupid's arrow's a little bee sting, it was a zing and a zang and a ziygididy and there was one only onelady in the zing for me cause when you zing (when you zing)!

You better know one little thing: the only thing you're gonnna sling is a wedding ring!Zinging in the air.Now I don't have a care.I'm winging from the zing that we share.

Zinging in the rain.Now I'm feeling no pain.It's a real time for celebrating cause you're my zing.To the zing y'all,ba - da - bing y'all.

Gonnna knock you out right outta that ring y'all.Better ring y'all, happening y'all.Pay attention to the undead king, y'all!Oh!





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