Nancy Ajram "Heya Helwa (هي حلوة)" Liedtext

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هي حلوة ولا مرة
ولا ضارة ولا سارة
واللي جوة غير اللي برة
و لاغارة ولا ايه

هي فاتحة ولا غامقة
لاعبة ولا صعبة زانقة
هي فاكة ولا سكة
ولا هي خنقة ليه

هي قاعدة ولا خارجة
عملة نادرة ولا دارجة

حالة طارئة ولا ليلة بيضا
ولا ليلة زرقا‎ ‎دي نظامها ايه
وانا هامشي بيه

ماشية فل ولا واقفة
قاسية ولا حبة رأفة
عايزة لاطمة ولا سقفة
عايزة واقفة الله يعين

دنيا قاسية جاتها ضاربة
مننا وبينا غربة
ماشية سلطة ولا شوربة
يعني احنا معذورين

Is she1 sweet or bitter?
Is she harmful or joyful?
and what lies within is something other than what shows outside
Is she deceitful or what?

Is she light or is she dark?
Is she prosperous or difficult and narrow?
Is she smooth or jammed?
Or, why is it so smothering?

Is she staying home or is she going out?
Is she something rare or something common?

An emergency case or a lovely night,
or a horrible night? How does her system go, I want to know
to follow it

Is she going smoothly or is she standing still?
Is she harsh or is she showing a bit of mercy?
Does she require an expression of sadness2 or a clap?
She needs a stand, God help us

Such a harsh life, Damn it
Isolation lies within and between us
Is she running on the basis of chaos?3
So we are then excused