Charles Trenet "Romance de Paris" lyrics

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They were together barely two days
Sometimes there's goodwill in pain
But since they were in love
Their destiny was no longer unhappy
They lived with a strange dream
And this dream was blue like angels
Their love was a true spring, yes!
As pure as their tender twenty years

That's the romance of Paris,
On the street corners it blooms,
It puts love in hearts
A bit of a dream and a blue sky,
This soft refrain of our suburbs
Speaks so gently of love
That the whole world must say:
That's the romance of Paris!

The neighbourhood was truly their sphere
They left at the end of the week
In the woods to gather lily of the valley
Or on a boat to navigate.
They drank in the pubs
White wine fit to make your head spin
And when they gave each other a kiss, yes!
All the dancing couples would say:


It's here that my story ends,
Will you bother to believe me?
If I tell you that they loved, every day,
That they aged with their tender love;
That they created an praiseworthy family,
And that they had adorable children,
That they died honourably, unknown, yes!
Leaving just as they had come.